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The Nemours Bioinformatics Core facility (BCF) provides consultation, training and computational resources (both hardware and software) to Nemours Biomedical Research investigators from both Delaware and Florida.

BCF manages the primary web / email / database servers for and with 10 computing cores, 16GB of RAM and 5TB of disk space for user accounts. Additional Linux-based research servers provide 108 CPU cores, 462 GB of RAM and 102 TB of RAID disk space for research labs. Up to 32 CPU cores and 256G of memory can be used for traditional parallel computing tasks and a dedicated 8-node 192 core 20TB Apache Spark/Hadoop computing cluster is available for big data related projects. A dedicated backup system provides hourly backups of email, daily disk backups of file volumes, and weekly LTO5 tape backups which are stored off-site.

Services offered by BCF include experimental design of behavioral, biomedical, and microarray studies; data mining of microarray and high-throughput sequencing studies; and standard statistical analysis. BCF utilizes many software packages including SPSS, SAS, R, Bioconductor, MeV, CMfinder, MOSAIK and more. With the use of several programming languages (PERL, MySQL, PHP, HTML, Javascript) BCF can also develop custom scripts and applications for studies. BCF has developed and maintains several web applications including TimeKeeper, the Biosafety Database, NED (Nemours Experimental Database, an electronic lab notebook), SNAP ("Scientist Networking And Profiles" site using Drupal, a web content management system), (the CTR-funded ACCEL website), (the Nemours CPR COBRE site), and many others.

BCF also manages the Nemours installation of REDCap™ (Research Electronic Data Capture from the REDCap Consortium) and oversees the Nemours institutional component of the PCORI-funded Clinical Data Research Network PEDSnet. REDCap is a secure web application that allows users to build and manage online surveys and databases for a variety of purposes including basic, clinical, translational and behavioral research, repositories and operational support. In addition to maintaining this application, BCF provides training and other support so that Nemours associates can utilize all the tools this resource provides.

A Delware INBRE Core Facility



Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
1701 Rockland Road
Wilmington, DE 19803


H. Timothy Bunnell
Director/Principal Research Scientist

Erin Crowgey
Associate Director/Research Scientist


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